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asset tracker


per user per month

Multi-level Operating Units and

Data Rollup

Locations, Asset Categories

Role-based Security

Asset Master, Asset Models

Supplier Management

RFID or Barcode Label Management, Label Printing, Print Queues

(Supports Datamax and Zibra Printers)

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per user per month

Asset Tracker


Preventive Maintenance, Task Library

Work Order Management, Work Planner

Asset Master, Asset Models

Inventory Tracking

Purchase Order Management


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per user per month



Asset Performance - Tracking and Reporting

Operator Care and Inspection Management

Native Mobile Apps & Offline Access (iOS, Android, Windows)


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per user per month



Visual Scheduler (Drag & Drop)


Email Notifications

Real-time Condition Monitoring

Web Service API for 'Bolt On' to SAP or EAMs

No-cost integration with two applications

15 custom reports and dashboards (included)

Monitoring up to 5 equipment for each user license

Plus $TBD per additional equipment

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If you are looking for 'bolt on' modules for SAP or other EAM packages, AssetSense offers you the ideal package. Our platform allows for plug-and-play integrations and versatile packaging of modules of your choice.

Product Packages:

Core Modules(Included in all solutions)
Asset Performance – A2
Real-time Condition Monitoring – C2
Operator Care and Inspection Management – O2
Work Management – W2
RFID Asset Tracking – R2
Inventory Tracking – I2
Description and Features
Multi-level Operating Units and data rollup, Locations, Asset Categories, Role-Based Security, Asset Master, Asset Models, and Supplier Management.
Asset Status, Downtime History, Dashboards and Drilldown Reports, and Bad Actor Report.
API for Wireless Data Collection Devices, Data Management, Vibration Analysis, Issue Detection and Tracking, Email and Text Alerts, Work Order Generation Wizards, Condition-Based Maintenance, Work Scheduling, Reports and Dashboards. (Hardware such as sensors, wireless data collectors and installation services are provided upon request.)
Dynamic Data Templates, Inspection/Operator Rounds Planning, Auto-generation of Activities, Email Reminders, Work Scheduling, Operator Data Reporting, History and Recordkeeping, Issue Detection and Tracking, Email and Text Alerts, Work Order Generation Wizards, and Reports and Dashboards.
Preventive Maintenance, Task Library, Work Order Management, Work Planning, Visual Scheduler (Drag & Drop), Work Order Generation Wizards (Issue Management, Inspection Management, Condition Monitoring), Integrated Parts Tracking, and Reports and Dashboards.
RFID or Barcode Label Management, Label Printing, Print Queues.
Inventory Master, Inventory Thresholds, Location (Warehouse) Tracking, Purchase Order Management, Receiving, Usage History, RFID or Barcode Label Management, Integration with Work Order Management, Label Printing, Print Queues.

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