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Mining equipment operates in a rugged environment that subjects it to dust, weather, rust, and extensive wear and tear. When the equipment unexpectedly breaks down, your mining operation suffers severe consequences, including the high cost of repairs, loss of productivity, and increased risk of injuries.

Whether you're responsible for mobile trucks or ore processing equipment, AssetSense is the technology partner that can help you eliminate those costly surprises and manage the long-term performance of your equipment.


Access vital data in the field.

Your equipment operators, maintenance staff or MSHA compliance staff can say goodbye to using paper and clumsy hand-held units to report data on your equipment condition, safety or work orders. AssetSense provides real-time mobile apps on any modern tablets or smart phones. Learn more


Maximize asset performance.

In a matter of hours, Asset Performance Solution (A2) can start providing accessible, insightful and actionable information that lets decision makers manage, prepare for and prevent breakdowns. Learn more


Turn equipment maintenance from reactive to pro-active.

Your production assets — mobile trucks and processing equipment — are a major part of your investments and a significant part of your operating cost. Detecting potential breakdowns before they happen and ensuring routine maintenance are key to controlling your costs, maintaining productivity, producing longer equipment lifespans and reducing safety risks. AssetSense gets you the best return on your assets to significantly reduce costs while boosting production. Learn more


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AssetSense provides the state-of-the-art cloud computing solutions that are easy to implement, require no IT involvement and are highly cost effective. Learn more

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