Say goodbye to unexpected equipment breakdowns.


Unexpected equipment breakdowns in your operation not only dramatically affect revenue but can damage your power plant's reputation in the communities it serves – and cause regulatory problems.

It's time-consuming and ineffective to have operators manually monitor the condition of pumps, compressors, fans, turbines, generators, gear boxes, and motors.


Manual monitoring:

  • Cannot determine if equipment is about to fail or is not performing up to full capacity.
  • Builds no history or trend of equipment operations.
  • Means that small drifts in performance go undetected.
  • Provides no ability to view what's happening over time to compare current readings with past readings.

Eliminate the need for frequent operator rounds and operator care

AssetSense lets you say goodbye to unexpected equipment breakdowns. Our condition monitoring solution automatically monitors power generating equipment 24/7 and sends real-time condition information to your mobile devices.

AssetSense also offers wireless technology that automatically records a full history of your assets' performance over time so you can make intelligent equipment decisions and reduce the high cost of maintenance.

Easily turn equipment maintenance from reactive to pro-active

AssetSense is a set of cloud-based solutions that can transform your control over the condition of your power plant equipment. Unlike complex installed solutions, AssetSense is easy to implement and surprisingly affordable.

Improve the accuracy and speed of information delivery and reporting

The real-time mobile interface can seamlessly access data and report activity.

Lower your total cost of ownership

For a modest fee per user, AssetSense can be up and running in a day.

Enjoy a user-friendly mobile interface

The real-time mobile interface can seamlessly access data and report activity.

Experience a no-cost implementation. AssetSense requires no expensive training programs, hardware, software, consultants or IT maintenance costs.

AssetSense runs at a significantly lower cost than other asset condition and performance solutions.

Receive status in real time via your mobile device.

Streamline operations and workflows with our mobile and RFID solutions integrated with back-end systems.

Detecting potential breakdowns before they happen and ensuring routine maintenance are critical to controlling your costs, producing longer equipment lifespans and delivering uninterrupted power to your customers.

With AssetSense you can safeguard revenues and keep expenses in check.

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