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Get the most advanced asset performance analytics—with the most user-friendly tools
in the power generation industry.


Power generation fleets contain thousands of assets.

However, most asset performance monitoring solutions show you only a fraction of what’s happening across your fleet.

Legacy systems, such as early-generation historians, are based on relational database (RDBM) technologies. They can’t store or perform analytics on large volumes of asset data. You also can’t scale them across multiple sites.

If you don’t have on-demand insights into your fleet, you won’t know when an asset is about to fail and cause a costly outage.

Gain On-Demand Insights into All of Your Equipment with AssetSense

AssetSense offers modern and scalable big data analytics that help you see what’s happening at both the plant and fleet level.
With AssetSense, you can:


Collect real-time data from your assets and enterprise systems.

AssetSense offers pre-built interfacing modules that exchange data seamlessly with your existing systems, including:

  • Operator rounds
  • Distributed control systems (DCS)
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems
  • Historians
  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices connected to machinery
  • Wireless health monitoring sensors or “smart sensors” installed on critical assets
  • SAP, IBM Maximo, and other enterprise software

These integrations allow you to capture data from your entire fleet and gain a real-time, holistic view of your operations.

Learn more about AssetSense integrations.

Asset Performance

Improve asset performance with next-generation technology.

AssetSense is built on modern, big data analytics technology. The platform is highly scalable and can handle all of the data your assets throw at it.

Its flexibility also allows you to rapidly implement AI, machine learning, digital twins, and other next-generation tools. With AssetSense, you can transform the data from these technologies into user-friendly insights that help you solve your efficiency and performance problems.


Quickly scale to monitor all of your sites and assets.

Since AssetSense runs on a private cloud, you can quickly and securely scale your performance analytics to cover your entire fleet. Get new sites live in just days—giving executives blazing-fast access to the applications needed to analyze your fleet’s performance and make profitable business decisions.

Learn more about the AssetSense cloud.

Up To The Minute

Access up-to-the-minute asset data from any mobile device.

AssetSense puts real-time equipment data at your fingertips. With AssetSense, plant personnel can use mobile apps to perform rounds, monitor machines, collect vibration data, view work orders, track maintenance activities, and more.

Simply install the apps on your iOS, Android, or Windows devices to start collecting and analyzing data. The apps give you an on-demand view of your asset performance—whether you are working in the plant, in the field, or from home.

Proactive Maintenance

Analyze key operations, maintenance, and business metrics.

AssetSense uses machine learning and AI to track the key performance indicators (KPIs) that help you boost efficiencies, minimize failures, and lower your operations and maintenance costs. With AssetSense, you can monitor:

Operations KPIs

  • Production output (MWh)
  • Thermal efficiency %
  • Heat rate (BTU/kWh)
  • Load factor %
  • Fuel expenses (Total $)
  • Plant availability %
  • Forced outage rate %
  • Capacity factor %
  • Unit trips per year
  • Voltage and current output

Maintenance KPIs

  • Preventive maintenance completion %
  • Predictive maintenance hours
  • Ratio of reactive to preventive %
  • Preventive loss indicator %
  • Corrective loss indicator %
  • Emergency work %

Business KPIs

  • Operation and maintenance (O&M) costs
  • O&M cost per MWh produced
  • Cost of energy sources
  • Fuel costs per MWh
  • Total capital cost per MWh

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