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Monitor all of your assets—at any time, from any location,
and using any device.


Most asset performance monitoring systems are built for office and desktop usage.

But plant employees can’t always access desktops. They also may not have reliable Wi-Fi when they work in the field or remote locations.

You’ve likely tried using “mobile” tools to capture asset data. For example, workers may carry clipboards or specialty devices when they monitor assets. But these tools are often cumbersome and hard to use.

Without user-friendly systems, workers can’t log timely accurate data. Then, you won’t have the real-time view of your fleet that you need to elevate performance and avoid costly outages.


Make it easy for power plant employees to collect real-time data with AssetSense apps

AssetSense includes mobile apps that you can run on any smartphone or tablet.

Simply install the apps on your iOS, Android, or Windows devices. Then, connect a vibration sensor and start capturing high-quality data from the following sources:

  • Operator rounds
  • Distributed control systems (DCS)
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems
  • Historians
  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices connected to machinery
  • Wireless health monitoring sensors or “smart sensors” installed on critical assets

AssetSense includes mobile apps that you can run on any smartphone or tablet. With AssetSense, you can:


Get real-time insights into asset performance.

AssetSense mobile apps allow personnel across your plants— including operators, maintenance crews, engineers, and leadership—to monitor asset performance and gain a real-time view of your operations. Here’s how:

  • Plant employees can use the apps to capture asset data.
  • AssetSense records the data with micro-second accuracy, standardizes it, and uploads it to a secure, private cloud.
  • You can access this data at any time—via the AssetSense mobile apps or any desktop—to gain an on-demand view of your asset performance.
  • Operators and maintenance crews receive automatic alerts when a parameter falls outside its normal range. That way, they can take proactive steps to solve problems weeks—or even months—before they cause a major failure.
Maintenance Strategy

Optimize your maintenance strategy.

With AssetSense mobile apps, your maintenance team can stay on top of work orders—from any location and using any device.

Start by integrating AssetSense with your current maintenance system. You can also use AssetSense as your primary asset maintenance tool.

Then, technicians will receive notifications when someone issues a work order or flags a problem with an asset. They can use the apps to view work orders and log their maintenance activities.


Achieve rapid adoption.

With AssetSense, you won’t need to spend months—and hundreds of thousands of dollars—training employees on how to use your asset performance monitoring tools.

Our apps are designed for plant employees who need to monitor assets in the real world. Since the apps are simple to use, you can drive adoption with minimal training.

Plant managers tell us that workers love to use our apps and it only takes 1-2 days of training to get everyone up to speed.


Elevate operator performance.

Improve accountability and reduce human error by replacing your paper-based or manual rounds with mobile apps that feed real-time operator data into your M&D systems.

Here’s how AssetSense mobile apps improve operator productivity and accuracy:

  • Operators can perform rounds from any location, whether they are working on the plant floor or in the field.
  • The apps make it easier for operators to report data and view historical trends.
  • Supervisors will receive real-time alerts of any equipment or process issues. With the push of a button, they can view operator activity and then follow up to ensure accountability.

Operators rave about how easy our apps are to use. Plant managers also say that our apps improve operator accuracy and performance.

Operators who use AssetSense complete rounds 20% faster, compared with paper rounds and cumbersome legacy tools.

Proactive Maintenance

Move from reactive to proactive maintenance.

AssetSense gives operators the real-time insights they need to spot problems before they cost you millions in repairs and lost production. That way, you can move from reactive, "break-fix" maintenance to a proactive and predictive model.

Accurate And Reliable

Make field data collection more accurate and reliable.

Plant employees can’t always access reliable Wi-Fi.

AssetSense has both online and offline functionality so field workers can monitor equipment and record data—even if their devices aren’t connected. Once a device establishes a connection, AssetSense automatically syncs data between the mobile apps and your integrated systems.

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