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How Modern IoT Technology
Is Transforming Plant Operations

Forward-thinking power generation leaders are using the internet-of-things (IoT) to make their assets more reliable and efficient.

IoT can drive immense value, as it provides unprecedented levels of insight into your fleet. A new IoT-based power plant can save 230 million USD during its lifetime. Meanwhile, an existing plant of the same size can save 50 million USD if equipped with an IoT platform.

But, until recently, many power plants couldn’t embark on IoT implementations, as the process was too costly and time-consuming.

Luckily, times and technology have changed. This white paper outlines how today’s IoT solutions make it much easier to monitor your assets. You’ll learn:

  • Goals Why traditional technologies don’t provide you with the critical insights you need to ensure asset reliability
  • Efforts The common challenges with IoT implementations and how to overcome them
  • Opportunity How advances in IoT technology make it easier for you to monitor assets and avoid costly failures
  • Trends What to look for in an IoT solution
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