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Power Generation Case Study

How Power Plants Across North America Are Improving Equipment Performance and Avoiding Costly Failures

Power generation leaders often lack insights into when assets need maintenance. When plants rely on manual processes and inefficient systems, they won’t receive a warning when a costly failure is about to occur.

The Plant Manager, Joe Riestenberg, knew there was a better way. He wanted to move from paper-based processes to a digital system that would enable peak performance of equipment.

This case study outlines how five North American power plants modernized their processes to gain a holistic, real-time view of their assets. It features real-world advice from leaders at Burbank Water and Power, the Fort Detrick Energy Production Facility, Lucky Peak Power Plant, the Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company, and Vistra Energy.

When you read this case study, you will learn how the featured plants achieved the following results:

  • Outage Fewer failures. A Vistra plant avoided a breakdown that would have cost $1.5 million for each day of downtime.
  • Practices The ability to build safeties that help assets operate more efficiently.
  • Catastrophic Improved troubleshooting and collaboration amongst operators and maintenance crews.
  • Maintenance Faster and easier reporting. One plant supervisor cut her reporting time from 3 hours to just 30 minutes per week.
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