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Miami Fort Case Study

How Vistra Energy Improved Equipment Reliability and Avoided a Failure That Could Have Cost $1.5 Million for Each Day of Downtime

The Miami Fort Generation Station, owned and operated by Vistra Energy, needed a more in-depth view of its assets so that it could avoid costly failures. This level of insight simply wasn’t possible when operators performed rounds manually and filed equipment data away where no one ever looked at it.

The Plant Manager, Joe Riestenberg, knew there was a better way. He wanted to move from paper-based processes to a digital system that would enable peak performance of equipment.

After choosing AssetSense for asset performance monitoring, Riestenberg achieved the following results:

  • Outage Increased operators’ completed rounds by 50% (and got more accurate data)
  • Practices Prevented the failure of the plant’s most important piece of equipment —saving $1.5 million per day of downtime
  • Catastrophic Improved plant efficiencies and equipment reliability
  • Maintenance Made it easier for plant personnel and other Vistra sites to communicate
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