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Forward-thinking power plant executives are turning to digital transformation to boost efficiencies and gain a competitive edge.

In fact, 95 percent of power sector professionals 1 stated that “Digital transformation is a top strategic priority at my organization.” They plan to use digital technologies to:

  • Drive overall productivity and profitability
  • Improve their reliability KPIs via machine data analytics
  • Create a more efficiently run business with the use of data and analytics
However, many power generation leaders fail to achieve these goals. Why?

They often go too broad in scope and purchase complex systems that claim to solve every problem, all at once,

They also fail to consider how new technology will impact their existing operations, employees, and systems.

This miscalculation leads to a host of problems, including high costs and low adoption rates.

You’ll achieve quicker results if you focus on a single issue.
So, where should you begin?

Why Digital Transformation Should Start with Your Assets?

“Our analysis suggests that asset performance management is the single most valuable initiative for the electricity industry over the next 10 years, at an estimated value of $387 billion.” 2

That’s what the World Economic Forum (WEF) found in a recent study, “Asset performance management has the greatest value potential among all the digital initiatives, to the tune of $387 billion over the next ten years. Utility firms across the value chain are likely to enjoy margin expansion from lower repair and maintenance costs, lower downtime of assets, and fewer critical breakdowns.” 3

The WEF defines “asset performance management” as a “digital initiative [that] includes condition monitoring, predictive forecasting, and reliability-centered maintenance, all enabled by analytics and robotics.”

When you invest in asset performance management and monitoring, you can:

Eliminate unplanned downtime.
Boost plant efficiency
Standardize processes fleet-wide.
Improve operator performance.
IT Costs
Lower Your IT costs

Elevate Your Fleet’s Performance
with AssetSense


Asset Performance Monitoring Solutions

AssetSense is the only asset performance monitoring platform that is specifically designed to enhance equipment performance and reliability in the power generation sector. Here’s how AssetSense will transform your operations:

Operator Rounds

Operator Rounds

Digitize rounds to improve data quality and visibility.

Eliminate the inefficiencies that come with paper logs and awkward technology. With AssetSense, operators can use intuitive mobile apps to perform rounds. Power plant managers rave about how easy AssetSense is to use and how quickly employees adopt it.

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Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics

Integrate all plant data sources to identify anomalies.

AssetSense collects data from key sources—including operator rounds, historians, fixed assets, and IoT sensors—and uploads it to a central, cloud-based platform. Using any mobile device, you can perform on-demand analysis that helps you improve efficiencies at both the plant and fleet level.

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Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Conduct diagnostics to proactively monitor asset health.

AssetSense simplifies predictive maintenance and makes it accessible to users across your plant—from managers to operators to engineers. Use any mobile device to capture high-quality vibration data from your assets and perform spectrum analysis.

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Asset Maintenance

Asset Maintenance

Gain actionable insights that help you lower your maintenance costs.

AssetSense automatically alerts your maintenance team of issues and generates work orders. With real-time data from AssetSense, you can improve the quality of your planning, better allocate resources, and fix problems faster.

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Success Story Gary Hilberg

“Most digital transformation efforts are too high-level and take a long time to implement. AssetSense delivers immediate results. You can implement AssetSense quickly to make your field operators more effective. When you transform how your operators work, you ultimately transform your plant”

Gary Hilberg, President, Continuum Energy

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