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Gain real-time asset insights that help you elevate operational performance,
minimize failures, and maximize productivity.


Effectively Monitor and Measure Thousands of Assets

As a power generation leader, you’re under constant pressure to boost the operating profit of your unit or fleet. 

But with thousands of assets in your fleet, it’s hard to track everything.

Most power generation assets are at least 40 years old and can be unreliable and inefficient. And even new assets can be unpredictable.

Meanwhile, many plants trust their asset performance to legacy technologies and paper-based processes. For example, operators walk around with clipboards and log rounds manually. Then, this information gets spread throughout the plant—from filing cabinets to individual desktops to digital systems that don’t “talk” to each other.

If you use outdated technologies and manual processes to monitor your assets, you risk:

  • Reacting to failures, as opposed to preventing them
  • Unplanned outages
  • High operations and maintenance (O&M) costs
  • Falling below industry standards
  • A lack of visibility into what’s happening across your fleet

Maximize Plant Efficiencies and Operating Profit with Performance Analytics

44% of power company executives said that “Improving the reliability KPIs in my operations via machine data analytics” is a top digital priority. 1

Forward-thinking power generation leaders are using performance analytics to gain the actionable insights needed to improve plant efficiencies, eliminate unplanned outages, and lower O&M costs.

Performance analytics gives you a real-time view of any operation, asset performance, or maintenance issue that will impact your operating profit.

When you add analytics to your asset performance monitoring toolkit, you will gain insight into:

  • The 3 metrics that have the greatest impact on your plant operations: your forced outage rate, thermal efficiency percentage, and O&M expenses.
  • Your equipment’s thermal efficiencies and vibration analytics. These metrics give you advance warning of outages so that you can take proactive steps to keep production flowing.

Power plants that measure and monitor asset data in real-time with the use of advanced analytics are seeing real results.

Coal-fired plants that have up to 10,000 data points and use cloud-based analytics can see a 1.5% positive impact on efficiency and a 5% reduction in plant downtime.

Meanwhile, a European distribution system operator used asset analytics to boost efficiencies by 50% and save EUR 9.44 million over 10 years in CAPEX. 2

Elevate Equipment Performance and Reliability with Real-Time Analytics

Get up-to-the-moment asset data at your fingertips. AssetSense mobile apps make it easier for you to monitor your key performance metrics so that you can enhance efficiencies at both the plant and fleet level.

Real Time
View real-time asset data—anywhere and on any device

AssetSense collects a continuous stream of data from sources, including:

  • Operator rounds
  • Distributed control systems (DCS)
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems
  • Data historians
  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices and smart sensors connected to machinery

You can log into AssetSense at any time—using your desktop or a mobile app—to monitor thermal efficiencies, outages, and other critical metrics that impact your production and revenue.

Make it easier for managers and operators to monitor your assets.

AssetSense has high adoption rates, as it is designed for power plant users—not for condition monitoring consultants or IT experts.

With AssetSense, you won’t need to spend months—and hundreds of thousands of dollars—getting employees comfortable with your new technology. Employees simply install AssetSense apps on their mobile devices. Then, they can capture data from your operator rounds, control systems, vibration sensors, and other sources.

Power plants like yours rave about how much their employees love to use AssetSense.   

Drive more value from your monitoring and diagnostic (M&D) center.

An M&D center can help you optimize unit and fleet-wide performance, saving you millions in unplanned downtime. However, many plants struggle to get data from their assets to their M&D center for analysis.

AssetSense streamlines your M&D efforts by:

  • Automatically feeding performance analytics from all of your sites into your M&D center—giving your team real-time visibility into all of your assets.
  • Alerting your M&D team and plant managers of changes that may cause a piece of equipment to fail.
  • Storing your asset data in the cloud, which makes it easy for M&D analysts to find the insights they need to improve fleet-wide efficiencies.
Success Story Joe Riestenberg

“After a prior failed attempt with digital rounds, I wasn’t sure if our operators would adopt AssetSense. But we haven’t had any problems getting them to use it. In fact, they comment on how much they like the tool and how easy it is to use.”

Joe Riestenberg, Plant Manager, Vistra Miami Fort Station

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