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Digital Operator Rounds

Get the tool that operators love to use so that you can improve the reliability of
your mission-critical equipment—and save millions in unplanned downtime.


Why Traditional Operator Rounds Put You at Risk

An outage on a critical asset can cost you up to $2 million per day. 1

Despite the high costs, 70% of plants lack insights into when equipment is due for maintenance, upgrades, or replacement. These blind spots increase your risks of downtime and lost revenue. 

Many power plants trust their most critical assets to paper-based operator rounds or siloed digital systems, such as standalone spreadsheets. These systems don’t integrate with each other and provide you with a real-time, holistic view of your equipment health. When you rely on traditional operator rounds, you run the risk of:

  • Reacting to failures, as opposed to preventing them.
  • Not receiving alerts when points are out of range and a major piece of equipment is about to break.
  • A lack of historical data and trends and the ability to predict the future.
  • High costs of repairs and replacement of equipment, including paying for staff overtime.
  • Damaging interconnected equipment and processes when a single asset fails.
  • Inefficient use of staff resources, such as paying them to enter the same data in multiple logs or spreadsheets.

Streamline and Digitize Your Operator Rounds to Reduce—or Even Eliminate –Forced Outages

AssetSense eliminates the inefficiencies that come with paper logs and cumbersome technology. Instead of carrying around clipboards or an awkward tool, operators simply use their mobile devices to input asset data. Power plant managers love how easy AssetSense is to use and how quickly employees adopt it.

Success Story Joe Riestenberg

“After prior failed attempts with other vendors, I wasn’t sure if our operators would adopt AssetSense. But we haven’t had any problems getting them to use it. In fact, they comment on how much they like the tool and how easy it is to use.”

Joe Riestenberg, Plant Manager, Vistra Miami Fort Station

Elevate operator performance

Your operators are on the frontline when it comes to ensuring the health, uptime, and performance of your assets. Asset Sense empowers operators by giving them the user-friendly tools they need to boost productivity and compliance.

Plant managers tell us that operators love to use our apps and that it only takes 1-2 days of training to get everyone up-to-speed.

Here’s how AssetSense makes life easier for operators and plant managers:

  • AssetSense comes with mobile apps that operators can install on their smartphones and tablets. They can use these apps to perform digital rounds from any location—whether they are working on the floor or in the field.
  • Operators who use AssetSense complete rounds 20% faster, compared with paper rounds and cumbersome legacy tools. AssetSense is also more accurate than paper-based rounds, as it eliminates human error.  
  • Supervisors will receive real-time alerts of any equipment or process issues. With the push of a button, they can view operator activity and then follow up to ensure accountability.
Get real-time equipment data.

AssetSense records your equipment data with micro-second accuracy, standardizes it, and automatically uploads it to a central, cloud-based system.

That way, you’ll always have the latest asset data at your fingertips and won’t need to worry about lost or misfiled operator rounds. AssetSense streamlines your operator rounds by:

  • Feeding real-time operator data into your monitoring and diagnostic systems. Plant managers can access this data at any time—using any desktop or mobile device.
  • Automatically sending operators alerts when asset data is outside of its normal range. These notifications empower operators to fix problems before they impact your operations.
  • Giving you on-demand access to historical trends. You can analyze your equipment’s long-term performance without needing to compare countless manual records and spreadsheets.
Standardize your processes fleet-wide.

Since AssetSense is cloud-based, you can quickly scale it across all of your sites and eliminate the need for plants to store operator round data in siloed systems. 

Corporate leadership can log in at any time—from any location—to compare sites, view key performance indicators, and identify opportunities for improvement. With AssetSense, you’ll have the up-to-the-minute data that you need to make informed business decisions.

Protect your data with enterprise-grade security.

AssetSense integrates with your single sign-on tools, such as Okta. That way, you’ll have complete control over who can access your equipment data.

Meanwhile, users will have the convenience of logging in with the same credentials they use for other corporate software.

Success Story Timothy Roy

“In the past, we logged our rounds on paper, and sheets often went missing. Now, we can use tablets or our phones to take readings and view historical trends. Having fast access to this data is useful for reducing our maintenance costs, as we can see if a piece of machinery is in need of repairs before we have an expensive failure.”

Timothy Roy, Production Manager, Vistra Kendall Energy

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