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Improve asset reliability, increase production, and gain a competitive edge.


As a power generation leader, you’re under pressure to boost operating profit and stay competitive in a rapidly changing market.

This requires you to transform your operations using digital technology.

Despite the hype about digital transformation, most power generation companies still use dated technologies and processes. In fact, just 31% of power and utilities companies believe that they are effective at using digital tools to improve business process efficiency. 1

Not getting this right puts your company at risk.

If you don’t have tools that give you an on-demand view of your asset health and performance, you won’t know if a major outage is about to happen.


Here’s a cold fact: 70 percent of plants lack insights into when equipment is due for maintenance, upgrades, or replacement. 2

This blind spot can lead to unplanned downtime, as your aging equipment may fail under the constant, stressful operating demands.

And, it’s not a matter of “if” you’ll have an outage, but “how often” and “how long.” Just one day of downtime can cost your plant $2 million. 3

The impact of an outage extends far beyond the costly repairs. Downtime also impacts your company’s reputation, customer retention rates, employee satisfaction, and overall consumer confidence—all of which can be shaken by even a short outage. 4

Success Story Dan Pinkham

“Most digital transformation efforts are too high level and take a long time to implement. AssetSense delivers immediate results. You can implement AssetSense quickly to make your field operators more effective. When you transform how your operators work, you ultimately transform your plant.”

Gary Hilberg, President, Continuum Energy

Elevate Performance with AssetSense

AssetSense has a single mission: Improve equipment performance and reliability in the power generation sector. With AssetSense, you can enhance fleet-wide efficiencies, gain assurance that your assets work, and protect against costly failures.

Standardize processes across your entire fleet.

AssetSense brings all of your asset data—from all of your sites—together in a single, cloud-based platform that you can access from anywhere. With AssetSense you can:

  • Ensure that everyone in your company is making decisions based on the same, real-time data.
  • View dashboards that show you site-level and company-wide performance.
  • Quickly see which processes are working so that you can extend them across all of your entire fleet.
  • Add new sites in just hours with a lightning-fast set-up.
  • Eliminate redundant systems and processes and create consistency across all of your plants.
Transform your operations with digital technology.

Moving from a legacy to a cloud-based asset performance monitoring system can modernize your operations and give you a competitive edge.

According to the World Economic Forum, “Asset performance management has the greatest value potential among all the digital initiatives, to the tune of $387 billion over the next ten years. Utility firms across the value chain are likely to enjoy margin expansion from lower repair and maintenance costs, lower downtime of assets, and fewer critical breakdowns.” 5

AssetSense helps you achieve these benefits by: 

  • Giving you an on-demand view of your asset health and performance. 
  • Integrating with your existing technology, such as your control systems and ERP.
  • Providing plant managers and operators with easy-to-use mobile apps that you can roll out quickly and with minimal training.
  • Allowing you to rapidly scale and standardize your asset performance monitoring processes across all of your sites. 
  • Giving you quick wins that improve fleet-wide efficiencies and reduce your risks of failures.
Improve asset health and reliability.

AssetSense insures your company against costly failures and downtime by providing you with real-time insights into your asset health and performance. Here’s how:

  • AssetSense collects a continuous stream of data from your operator rounds, historians, distributed control systems, and other sources. 
  • It standardizes this data and uploads it to a central, cloud-based platform. 
  • You can log into AssetSense at any time—using any desktop or mobile device—to monitor your plant’s performance and spot trends that can help you predict failures.
  • Armed with the latest data, you can take proactive measures to address problems before they impact your operations or revenue.
Make your workforce more engaged and productive.

AssetSense is designed for power plant operators and managers—meaning that you don’t need to hire expensive consultants to perform tasks such as predictive maintenance and analyzing your asset data.

AssetSense comes with mobile apps that operators, maintenance workers, and managers can install on their smartphones. They can use these apps to perform operator rounds, monitor asset health, complete maintenance work orders, receive alerts of potential problems, and complete other tasks. In fact, plant managers tell us how much operators love using our tools.

Success Story Bob McNally

“We monitor everything with AssetSense—from our boilers to our fire and security systems. AssetSense helps keep our plant operating in tip top performance.” 

Bob McNally Plant Manager, Energy Systems Group

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