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Built for Power Generation Leaders

AssetSense is the only asset performance monitoring platform specifically
designed to help leaders in the power generation industry improve plant efficiencies.


Most asset monitoring technologies are stuck in the past.

They are complex, take months to implement, and require you to spend millions of dollars on IT architecture, customizations, and employee training. Then, after you install everything, you may find that these old-school technologies:

  • Won’t integrate with your existing systems
  • Aren’t built to collect data from all of your assets in real-time
  • Don’t scale to give you insights into your entire fleet
  • Are so hard to operate that your employees refuse to use them

AssetSense solves these challenges, as it is built to improve equipment performance for Power Operators

In as little as a week, you can scale AssetSense across multiple sites and gain real-time insights into your entire fleet.

Power plant employees also love AssetSense, as our tools are designed for them—not for consultants who have PhDs in condition monitoring. Intuitive mobile apps and on-demand analytics put the power of asset performance monitoring in your hands.

Here’s how AssetSense can help you achieve your performance and operational goals:


Power Generation Executives

Gain real-time insights into your asset performance so that you can improve fleet-wide efficiencies.

AssetSense is a modern asset performance monitoring platform that makes it easier for power plant employees to assess the condition of your equipment, identify issues, and avoid forced outages. With AssetSense, you’ll gain the up-to-the-minute insights you need to improve asset reliability, increase production, and gain a competitive edge.


Power Plant Managers

Empower your frontline crew to monitor assets and quickly spot issues that could impact your production.

AssetSense is built for power plant employees—not for consultants. It gives your managers, maintenance crews, and operators an easier way to monitor equipment health and improve plant performance.


Performance Managers

Elevate plant performance so that you can produce the maximum amount of power at the minimum cost.

AssetSense collects real-time data from all of your fleet assets and core systems, including operator rounds and historians. Log in to AssetSense at any time—using any computer or mobile device—to gain the insights you need to minimize failures, keep maintenance costs in check, and ensure that production flows smoothly.


Power Generation CIOs

AssetSense is a “grown-up” asset performance monitoring platform that your IT team won’t need to babysit.

Unlike most traditional asset monitoring systems, AssetSense doesn’t require a lot of support from your IT team. You don’t need to worry about lengthy roll-outs, endless upgrades, or failed attempts at user training. AssetSense simply works.

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