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Performance Managers

Elevate plant performance—and save millions in unplanned downtime by fixing
problems before they impact production.


As a performance manager, you’re measured on how well you can produce the maximum amount of power at the minimum cost.

This requires you to constantly analyze your power plant’s systems and:

  • Propose improvements that will increase their efficiencies.
  • Monitor asset performance so that you can identify and report on trends.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your generation fleet.
  • Implement fleet-wide monitoring to improve performance and lower costs.
  • Improve thermal performance and your operations and maintenance practices.

Why Most Monitoring Tools Harm—Instead of Help—Plant Performance.

You’ve likely purchased other monitoring tools to help you meet your mandates. However, most of these technologies run on old, outdated systems. When you rely on these tools, you may need to:

  • Spend months on an installation.
  • Invest heavily in hardware, IT architecture, and databases.
  • Hire expensive consultants to install everything and provide ongoing condition monitoring support.

When you finally roll out these tools, you may find that they can’t handle the massive volumes of data that your assets generate. They also don’t easily scale to collect data from multiple sites.

Without fast access to this information, you won’t have the real-time, holistic view of your fleet that you need to optimize production and prevent forced outages.

In addition, most monitoring technologies are hard to use and require lots of user training and support. Even after you provide training, plant employees may still have difficulty operating the technology and refuse to use it.

Elevate Plant Performance with AssetSense

AssetSense is the only asset performance monitoring platform specifically designed to help power generation leaders improve plant performance and fleet-wide efficiencies.

Get real-time asset data at your fingertips—whether you’re working in the plant, on the road, or at home.

Unlike most monitoring solutions, AssetSense is designed to collect real-time data from thousands of assets and all of your core systems, including operator rounds, distributed control systems, and historians.

AssetSense automatically funnels this data to a central, cloud-based platform that you can access with any computer or mobile device. Log in at any time and from any location to gain the insights you need to minimize failures, keep maintenance costs in check, and ensure that production flows smoothly.

Gain on-demand insights into your entire fleet.

AssetSense puts data from all of your assets—across all of your sites—at your fingertips.

Simply log into your AssetSense dashboard, using any desktop or mobile device, gain immediate visibility into both site-level and fleet-wide performance. Armed with this information, you can:

  • Ensure that plants are meeting your company and industry standards. 
  • Enhance the effectiveness of your operational practices and condition-based maintenance efforts.
  • Spot problems with your assets and take proactive steps to address them before they lead to downtime or safety issues. 
  • Improve thermal performance and efficiencies while reducing the cost of production.
Your success is guaranteed, or you get your money back.

We pride ourselves on our unmatched customer service.

As a valued AssetSense customer, you receive the following promise: A high-quality product that supports your company's success. Our team will collaborate with your operations and IT staff to ensure that your software and mobile apps are fully configured and operational to your satisfaction.

Risk Free
See why power plant leaders and employees love AssetSense, risk free.

Our #1 goal is ensuring that you are happy and successful.

That’s why we offer a risk-free pilot program where you can test AssetSense before making a commitment. 

During the pilot, you can test AssetSense to make sure that it works in your environment. You can also see how plant personnel will use AssetSense in the real world before you make aninvestment.

Success Story Daniel Beck

“Digital information has unlimited potential.”

Daniel Beck, Performance Optimization, Entergy

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