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Improve asset performance, quickly identify potential risks, and
avoid unplanned outages that could cost you millions.


As a plant manager, you’re charged with keeping your facility running optimally at all times.

However, 70 percent of power plant leaders lack insights into when equipment is due for maintenance, upgrades, or replacement. 1

Without this information, you won’t know when a critical asset is about to fail. Every day a major asset is down could cost your plant $2 million. 2

Despite these risks, many plants trust their asset performance to dated processes and technologies.

You may store asset data in multiple logs, spreadsheets, or software programs. But these systems don’t talk to each other. They also don’t give you a real-time view of your asset health.

You run the following risks when you rely on paper-based processes or siloed technologies:

  • Unplanned outages
  • Missing your production metrics
  • Increasing your operations and maintenance costs
  • Failing to meet industry standards

Why Most Asset Performance Monitoring Tools Don’t Work

You’ve likely tried asset performance monitoring tools in the past. However, most of these technologies are complex, take months to install, and require you to hire IT experts or condition monitoring consultants.

When you finally roll out a tool, you may find that your operators and maintenance crews don’t like it or can’t get it to work. Without complete adoption, you’ll waste all of the time and money that you poured into your investment.

Elevate Plant Performance with AssetSense

AssetSense is the only asset performance monitoring platform designed specifically for the power generation sector. Our tools are built for managers, maintenance crews, and operators who need an easier way to monitor equipment health and improve plant performance.

Immediately see where unplanned downtime issues are lurking.

AssetSense collects data from sources across your plant, including operator rounds, historians, and distributed control systems. Then, AssetSense automatically funnels this data to a central, cloud-based platform so that you can:

  • Log in at any time—using any desktop or mobile device—to gain a real-time view of your asset health and performance.
  • Spot problems and take proactive steps to address them before they lead to downtime or safety issues.
  • View historical trends so that you can better predict how assets will perform in the future.
  • Base your decisions on data, not on guesswork.
Make your workforce more engaged and productive.

Unlike most asset performance monitoring tools, AssetSense is designed to make life easier for plant operators and maintenance crews. Here’s how:

  • AssetSense comes with mobile apps that operators and maintenance workers can install on their smartphones.  
  • They can use these apps to perform operator rounds, complete maintenance work orders, monitor asset health, view historical trends, receive alerts of potential problems, and perform other tasks. 
  • Supervisors and maintenance teams receive real-time alerts of any equipment or process issues. This enables them to proactively fix problems before they cause an outage. 
  • AssetSense eliminates the errors and inefficiencies that come with manual processes, such as logging operator rounds by hand. When operators scan assets using mobile apps, you’ll get the latest data in near-real-time. 

Operators who use AssetSense have increased their rounds by 50 percent and improved the accuracy of their data.

Operators who use AssetSense have increased their rounds by 50 percent and improved the accuracy of their data.

Get up and running quickly (without disrupting your operations).

We have a proven track record of successfully implementing AssetSense in large energy plants within a week. Our easy-to-use, cloud-based tools help you.

  • Avoid the capital expenditures that come with most IT roll outs, such as purchasing hardware and infrastructure.
  • Save on consultant fees, as you won’t need to hire experts to install the technology, maintain it, and analyze your data.
  • Stay fully operational during your AssetSense deployment, as you won’t need to take equipment offline or schedule downtime.
  • Drive more value from your existing technology. With AssetSense, you don’t need to throw out your current tools. AssetSense adapts to your environment and integrates with tools such as your historian and ERP.
Success Story Joe Riestenberg

“We looked at several other products before choosing AssetSense. One was so complex that even our technical person couldn’t use it. The other wouldn’t historize our data.  

After testing AssetSense, we jumped in with both feet. AssetSense gives us a single tool with a secure log-in that we can use to access our historized data. If we need to know what happened on a specific date, we can pull it up immediately. AssetSense is also easy to use—even people who don’t have technical backgrounds have no problem with it.”  

Jason Cornelison, Shift Supervisor, Burbank Water and Power

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