Prevent equipment failures and operational downtime.


Most equipment operators typically have little or no information on which to make decisions regarding the condition of the machines in their operation — information that is critical to maximizing production. This costs your company money.

  • Downtime costs every factory at least 5% of its productive capacity, and many lose up to 20%.
  • According to downtime consultants, 80% of industrial facilities are unable to accurately estimate their total downtime cost (TDC).
  • Many facilities underestimate downtime by 200% to 300%.
  • Motorola Mobility studies indicate that mobile technologies bring 25% productivity improvements.

Enhance your current ERP system with AssetSense.

AssetSense seamlessly adds needed mobile asset condition monitoring, asset management and/or asset performance capabilities to your existing ERP systems, including SAP and Oracle, using our state-of-the-art SOA capabilities.


Rely on AssetSense cloud-based software to reduce downtime.

AssetSense cloud-based applications and other technologies give your operators real-time information on the status and location of your equipment. It provides this vital information and more:

  • Asset health information using real-time mobile applications
  • Equipment identification with RFID or barcode and critical condition information
  • Exceptional conditions and issues for further review or maintenance
  • Machine history and trend graphs.

To expand the value of this information, AssetSense interfaces with existing control systems or historians such as PI.


Deploy AssetSense in a matter of minutes.

Using a cloud-based SaaS technology, AssetSense requires no installation time or effort. Its mobile application captures information on site and transmits it directly to your back-end systems in real time — while drop-down menus, check boxes and barcode scanning automate and error-proof data capture, improving the integrity of your data.

With AssetSense you can safeguard revenues and keep expenses in check.

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