Take control over operator care and inspections through automation.


A manual inspection process is laborious, inconsistent and can result in critical equipment problems being missed. Reliable, automated AssetSense inspection management reduces efforts and can increase productivity as much as 20%.


Manage inspections from a single convenient dashboard.

AssetSense Inspections Management delivers these benefits and more.

  • Eliminate wasted working time managing and filing paper maintenance records.
  • Quickly alert operations when a problem is detected.
  • Generate and maintain accurate records of equipment inspections and results.
  • Simplify scheduling of inspections.
  • Receive reminders of upcoming or missed inspections.
  • Send out alerts to serious issues.
  • Monitor issue detection to closure.
  • Achieve more timely decision-making and more effective compliance.

Get seamless plug-and-play integration with SAP and other ERP systems.

From its Maintenance and Inspections Dashboards, AssetSense incorporates every aspect of solid inspections management: Planning and Scheduling, Data Reporting with Mobile Units, Recordkeeping, Issue Management, and Notifications.


With AssetSense you can safeguard revenues and keep expenses in check.

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