Reduce operating costs with mobile condition monitoring.


Detecting potential breakdowns before they happen and ensuring routine maintenance are key to controlling your costs, maintaining productivity, producing longer equipment lifespans and reducing safety risks. Effective condition monitoring cannot be done manually with clipboards and guesswork.

AssetSense places the power in your hands.

Our real-time and offline Mobile Apps are ideal for both open-pit and underground mines, whether you have network connectivity or not.

Condition Monitoring:
  • Empower operators with access to and reports on important asset health information.
  • Easily identify equipment with RFID or barcode and report critical information.
  • Report exceptional conditions and issues for further review or maintenance.
  • View the equipment history or trend graphs.
  • Interface with existing control systems or historians such as OSI PI.
Asset Performance:
  • Track equipment status and downtime metrics.
  • Give executives access to performance dashboards via Mobile Apps.
  • Give them the information they need to make sound and timely decisions.
Inspection Reporting:
  • Access inspection schedules and activities.
  • Report observations using our dynamic templates.
  • Electronically track inspection history, records and issue resolution.
  • Automate safety and MSHA compliance programs.
Asset Management:
  • Improve work order quality and data integrity.
  • Eliminate papers and scribbles.
  • Access electronic documents.
MRO Inventory Control:
  • With our RFID/barcode solutions, accurately track the usage of service parts.
  • Eliminate lost and misplaced service parts.

Implement proactive asset maintenance with AssetSense.

AssetSense Mobile Applications deliver the information you need in real time on any mobile device:

  • Understanding, at any given point in time, if equipment is ready to do what you need it to do
  • Accessing a real-time equipment status check at any time, from anywhere
  • Maintaining a feel for the health of your equipment so you can know if it is doing what it should do
  • Being aware of developing equipment problems
  • Proactively preventing unexpected equipment failures before they cost too much money
  • Having the ability to access the history of each piece of equipment to determine its reliability

AssetSense mobile apps make it easy.

AssetSense cloud-based solutions provide:


Powerful mobile capabilities for

24/7 access from anywhere on any PC or mobile device


Fast implementation

of the cloud-based solution that is ready to use in as little as one hour


Complete flexibility

To seamlessly add needed asset monitoring, asset management and/or asset performance capabilities to your existing ERP system

With AssetSense you can safeguard revenues and keep expenses in check.

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