Eliminate manual, paper-based equipment management.


AssetSense lets you stop using clipboards, guesswork and paper in the field to track equipment condition, status, inspections and dozens of other pieces of critical information.

Our low-cost, cloud-based asset monitoring solutions provide operations and management with all the information they need to effectively manage your company's assets — wirelessly on a PC or on any mobile device.

AssetSense delivers the bottom-line gains you need using solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing ERP system. They can be up and running in less than one hour. Here are just the highlights of the information.

AssetSense can deliver automatically without paper:


Real-time intelligence on the condition of the machine


Machine history


Critical equipment operating condition


When equipment is in need of immediate servicing


Inspection reports and much more

With AssetSense you can safeguard revenues and keep expenses in check.

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