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Elevate your asset performance while protecting your data. The AssetSense private
cloud provides you with the highest levels of security, performance, and reliability.


Most asset performance monitoring technologies run on dated platforms.

When you rely on these tools, you must:

  • Spend months on an installation
  • Take your critical assets offline while you troubleshoot problems
  • Invest millions in IT infrastructure, hardware, databases, and customizations
  • Hire condition monitoring consultants for ongoing support
  • Provide employees with extensive training—only to see mediocre adoption rates
  • Deal with usability and adoption challenges

After you roll out these technologies, you may find that they don’t integrate with your existing systems or are difficult to scale for your fleet-wide monitoring.

If you use outdated technology, you’ll always be a few steps behind your competitors. You won’t have the real-time view of your fleet that you need to optimize your performance and reap the benefits of digital transformation.


Transform Your Operations with Cloud-Based Asset Performance Monitoring

Forward-thinking power generation leaders are using cloud-based technologies to gain an edge.

Energy executives say the #1 reason they use the cloud is to speed up their operations. 1 The cloud offers a host of benefits—from cost savings to real-time, actionable data.

“In oil and gas, timely data transmission is critical to operators. Cloud technologies allow for the transfer of data at unprecedented speed and scale.”

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Since AssetSense runs in a private cloud, it gives you the following advantages:

Meet your security requirements and protect your data.

Your AssetSense data will reside in a Tier III data center, such as Iron Mountain, the trusted guardian for 95% of the Fortune 1000.

These facilities are built to meet the demands of the energy industry, as they include multiple layers of physical and cyber security to protect your mission-critical data.

Learn more about how AssetSense keeps your data secure.

Get up and running in days—not months.

Unlike most asset performance monitoring systems, AssetSense doesn’t require a long, costly rollout that will disrupt your operations. Since AssetSense is cloud-based, you can install it without blocking out a huge chunk of time, investing in IT support, or shutting down your mission-critical assets.

In fact, we have a proven track record of successfully implementing AssetSense in large energy plants within a week.

Give users a better experience and achieve rapid adoption.

AssetSense includes mobile apps that you can install on any smartphone or tablet. These apps make it easy for plant personnel to view real-time asset data whether they are in the field or on site.

With AssetSense mobile apps, you can collect vibration data, perform rounds, monitor assets, open work orders, log maintenance activities, and more.

Learn more about AssetSense mobile apps.

Collect data from your entire fleet.

At AssetSense, we believe your technologies should work together. That’s why we offer pre-built interfacing modules that exchange data seamlessly with your existing systems, including SAP, IBM Maximo, and OSI PI.

These integrations—combined with our big data analytics platform—allow you to capture data from your entire fleet and gain a real-time, holistic view of your operations.

With our straightforward set-up process, you can add new sites in just hours.

Learn more about AssetSense integrations.

Eliminate hidden costs.

AssetSense offers 24/7 customer service and IT support—eliminating the hidden costs of consultants and training. 

You also don’t need to worry about maintaining your asset performing monitoring system. Since AssetSense runs in a private cloud, it liberates you from the recurring costs of upgrades and maintenance.

“Cloud-connected monitoring and maintenance devices can cut down on the manpower required to look after it all — and deliver actionable data the whole time, to boot.”

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