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AssetSense is the only asset performance monitoring platform specifically designed to help leaders in the power generation industry improve plant efficiencies.

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An Asset Failure Can Cost You More Than $2 Million Per Day

Power plants are under increased pressure to transform their operations to boost profits, lower costs, and stay competitive in a rapidly changing market.

However, aging equipment may hold you back.

Here’s a cold fact: 70 percent of plants lack insights into when equipment is due for upgrades, maintenance, or replacement. 1 This blind spot can lead to unplanned downtime, as your assets may fail under their constant, stressful demands.

It’s not a matter of “if” you’ll have an outage, but “how often” and “how long.” Just one day of downtime can cost more than $2 million. 2

If you don’t have an on-demand view of your fleet, you won’t know if a major outage is about to happen.

You also will fall behind your competitors in terms of digital transformation. Without the right tools, you’ll lack the insights you need to elevate your operations and gain a competitive edge.


Most Asset Monitoring Technologies Don’t Work: Here’s Why…

You’ve likely tried other asset monitoring tools. However, most of them are extremely complex and run on old, dated systems. When you rely on these technologies, you may need to:

  • Invest heavily in hardware, databases, and IT architecture.
  • Hire expensive consultants to set everything up and provide ongoing condition monitoring support.
  • Continuously train employees on how to use their tools—only to see mediocre adoption rates.
  • Spend months on an installation.

When you finally roll out these technologies, you may learn that they don’t integrate with your existing systems or support the massive volumes of data your assets generate. You also can’t easily scale them to monitor multiple sites.

If you use old-school technology, you simply won’t have the holistic view of your fleet that you need to optimize your performance and prevent forced outages. You also won’t achieve the promises of digital transformation, such as increased revenue and efficiencies.


What Is AssetSense?

AssetSense is a modern asset performance monitoring platform that improves equipment reliability in the power generation sector. It enhances plant efficiencies, provides assurance that your assets work, and protects you against costly failures.

AssetSense eliminates the problems that come with using multiple, dated technologies that don’t integrate with each other. Using a single platform, you can automate your operator rounds, capture vibration data, view real-time performance analytics, and perform predictive maintenance.

AssetSense also optimizes your asset maintenance by automatically flagging problems, tracking issues, generating work orders, and keeping everyone on the same page.

Explore our Asset Performance Monitoring solutions.

How AssetSense Transforms
Power Generation

Power generation companies across North America rely on AssetSense to elevate equipment performance. Here’s how you can achieve rapid ROI from your digital transformation efforts with AssetSense.

Fossil Fuel
Fossil Fuel

Fossil Fuel

  • Prevent forced outages and lost revenue.
  • Monitor aging equipment and prevent failure.
  • Standardize monitoring processes across your fleet.


  • Monitor remote locations and cut costs.
  • Prevent hydro-turbine generator failures.
  • Get actionable data and reduce false alarms.


  • Monitor multiple locations remotely.
  • Prevent breakdowns with predictive maintenance.
  • Lower operating costs and improve plant performance.


  • Stay ahead of costly breakdowns.
  • Reduce workforce hours and cut costs.
  • Monitor the overall health of your assets.

Built for Power Plant Users - not for Consultants with PhDs in Condition Monitoring

Unlike most asset monitoring technologies, AssetSense doesn't require you to overhaul your environment or place more burdens on operators.

Simply install the AssetSense mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, connect to a vibration sensor, and start collecting equipment data. You can also install cost-effective fixed sensors on machinery for continuous monitoring and spectrum analysis.

Here’s how AssetSense elevates both plant and operator performance:

View all of your asset data, all in one place.

Collect real-time data from thousands of assets and all of your key systems, including historians and operator rounds.

AssetSense automatically uploads this data to a central platform that you can access with any computer, smartphone, or tablet. With AssetSense, you can:

  • Cost-effectively monitor all of your assets.
  • View historical data to see how patterns have changed over time.
  • Immediately see which equipment needs attention.
  • Spot problems before they impact your operations or cause downtime.

Gain on-demand insights into your entire fleet.

Monitor one plant or scale AssetSense across your entire fleet to gain a real-time view of your operations. With our lightning-fast set-up, you can add new sites in just hours.

Once connected, simply log into your AssetSense dashboard to ensure that plants are meeting your company and industry standards. You can also:

  • Immediately see which processes are working so that you can extend them across all of your entire fleet.
  • Eliminate redundant systems and processes and create consistency across all of your sites.
  • Make decisions based on real-time data, not on guesswork.

Make life easier for operators, maintenance teams, and plant managers.

Instead of lugging around clipboards or cumbersome technology, plant employees can simply install the AssetSense mobile app on their tablets or smartphones.

They can use the app to monitor asset health, perform rounds, receive alerts of potential problems, complete maintenance work orders, and more.

Since AssetSense has almost zero learning curve, you can achieve high user-adoption rates with minimal training and support.

Get up and running in days—not months.

Avoid the time-consuming and costly implementations that come with most technology rollouts. Since AssetSense is a cloud-based platform, you can get up and running within a week—without investing in hardware, infrastructure, or expensive consultants who can install everything.

You also don’t need to throw out your existing technology. AssetSense adapts to your environment and will integrate with tools such as your ERP and historian.

Your success is guaranteed, or you get your money back.

As a valued AssetSense customer, you receive the following promise: A high-quality product that supports your company's success. Our team will collaborate with your operations and IT staff to ensure that your software and mobile apps are set up to your satisfaction.

And, with our risk-free pilot program, you can test AssetSense and see how it works in your environment before making a commitment.

Asset Performance Monitoring Solutions

Elevate plant performance and improve efficiencies across your entire
fleet with the following solutions:

Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics

Get real-time asset performance data at your fingertips.

AssetSense collects data from your operator rounds, historians, and other sources. Log into AssetSense at any time—with any mobile device—to perform on-demand analysis that helps you boost efficiencies and both the plant and fleet level.

Learn More
Operator Rounds

Operator Rounds

See why operators love AssetSense for digital rounds.

Eliminate the errors that come with paper logs and cumbersome technology. AssetSense empowers operators with intuitive mobile apps that they can use to perform rounds. Power plant managers rave about how easy AssetSense is to use and how much their operators love it.

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Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Monitor assets 24/7 and spot issues before they impact your operations.

AssetSense simplifies predictive maintenance and makes it accessible to operators, managers, and engineers. They can use their smartphones or tablets to capture high-quality vibration data and perform spectrum analysis.

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Asset Maintenance

Asset Maintenance

Optimize your asset maintenance and fix problems faster.

With real-time data from AssetSense, you can improve the quality of your planning, better allocate resources, and lower your maintenance costs.

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What Power Generation Leaders Are Saying

Success Story: Miami Fort Generating Station

How moving from paper to digital rounds helped plant managers improve equipment reliability and avoid a failure that could have cost $1.5 million per day

Success Story Joe Riestenberg

“You can’t prevent a failure if you don’t know what’s going on with your equipment. AssetSense isn’t just another app—it’s a critical tool that helps you understand your assets’ health and improve the reliability of your equipment.”

Joe Riestenberg, Plant Manager, Vistra Miami Fort Station

The Challenge

Operators at the Miami Fort Generating Station performed rounds manually and collected reams of data that no one ever reviewed. This increased the plant’s risks of equipment failures and downtime.

The Solution

AssetSense built the plant’s custom digital rounds in just two weeks. Now, operators can monitor equipment and perform predictive maintenance—helping the plant avoid forced outages, loss of production, and costly breakdowns.

The Results

  • A 50% increase in completed rounds
  • Cost savings by avoiding expensive failures and unplanned downtime
  • Improved communications between plant personnel

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