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Monitor all of your assets so that you can elevate performance,
avoid failures, and increase production.


According to the World Economic Forum, the Internet of Things (IoT) can drive $1.3 trillion in value in the electricity sector by 2025 1

This value will come from deploying, “smart devices, cloud computing, advanced analytics, advanced dashboards, and the overall integration of all these services into a platform.”

Power generation companies that harness the power of industrial IoT can maximize performance and minimize shutdowns.


The biggest mistake that power generation leaders make with their IIoT strategies

Most IIoT technologies are costly, complex, and force you to sacrifice plant performance while you roll them out. Since these tools are expensive to install and maintain, you may not be able to use them on all of your assets.

But if your IIoT strategy isn’t consistent, you won’t have visibility into what’s happening across your entire fleet and will increase your risk of failures.

Fortunately, there’s a better way …

Get Accurate, Actionable Insights with AssetSense

AssetSense makes modern technologies—including IIoT, big data analytics, and predictive maintenance—far more accessible. With AssetSense, you can quickly and cost-effectively add IIoT sensors to all of your equipment for continuous monitoring and spectrum analysis. With AssetSense, you can:

Monitor all of your assets and improve fleet-wide performance.

AssetSense includes IIoT sensors that you can install on all of your assets—not just the most critical ones. With AssetSense, you can monitor thousands of assets and immediately see issues that may cause failures. Then, you can take proactive steps to minimize your risks before they cost you millions in unplanned downtime and lost production.

See results within days.

You don’t need to spend months—and millions—on an asset performance monitoring installation.

We have a proven track record of installing AssetSense in large power generation facilities in less than a week. You can add new IIoT sensors to an asset in under 3 days and see immediate value—such as improved asset performance, reduced downtime, increased safety, and a positive impact on your bottom line.

Eliminate technology CAPEX and lower your operations costs.

Since AssetSense runs on a private cloud, you don’t need to invest in hardware, IT infrastructure, databases, and software upgrades. We take care of everything so that you can avoid capital expenditures and elevate asset performance.

And—since AssetSense is designed for power plant users—you won’t need to hire expensive consultants to perform ongoing monitoring and analysis. Operators, managers, and other plant personnel can simply install AssetSense mobile apps on their smartphones or tablets. Then, they can collect IIoT and vibration data, monitor assets, and perform analysis.

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