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You don’t need to throw out your existing technology.
AssetSense adapts to your environment and integrates with
your historian, ERP, and other mission-critical tools.


Running your business takes multiple systems.

But these systems often store your data in silos—making it hard for you to gain an accurate, real-time view of your fleet.

If your technologies don’t integrate, you’ll have inefficiencies. For example, operators may log rounds on paper and then copy the data into your asset performance monitoring software. They also may enter duplicate data when they create work orders in your maintenance management system. The more steps they take, the more your data will contain errors.

Ultimately, these inefficiencies can prevent you from spotting potential failures before they cost you millions in unplanned downtime.


Drive More Value From Your Existing Systems & Improve Efficiencies Across Your Entire Fleet

At AssetSense, we believe your technologies should work together. That’s why we offer plug-and-play integrations with the following systems:

  • Historians, such as OSIsoft
  • SAP Enterprise Asset Management
  • Oracle Enterprise Asset Management
  • IBM Maximo
  • Enterprise resource planning systems
  • Single sign-on tools, such as Okta

When your systems work together harmoniously, you can:


Improve communications across all of your departments.

AssetSense gives all of your teams—from maintenance to operations to engineering—a real-time view of what’s happening so that they can better coordinate their activities.


Drive adoption with minimal training.

AssetSense is designed for power plant users—not for IT experts. Instead of struggling with complex technology, plant employees can use mobile apps to perform operator rounds, initiate and update work orders, and complete other essential tasks.


Gain deeper insights into asset health and performance.

When users log data into the app, AssetSense will automatically sync it with your integrated systems. The app also pulls data from your historian, allowing users to immediately see how past trends may impact an asset’s future performance.


Enhance your security.

AssetSense integrates with your single sign-on tools. That way, your security team can control who accesses data while users have the convenience of logging in with the same credentials they use with other software.

Don’t see your tools in the above list?

We can quickly and cost-effectively build a custom integration for you. That way, you can improve your plant or fleet-wide performance while you drive more value from your current investments.

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