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Elevate plant performance and lower your operational costs with
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Fix Assets Quickly and Cost Effectively

As a power plant manager, you’re charged with keeping your plant running at all times—and at minimal costs.

This means fixing urgent problems in the production line as quickly as possible.

You also must optimize your preventative maintenance so that you can address issues before they impact your operations.

70% of plants don’t know when equipment is due for maintenance, upgrades, or replacement. 1

Without the right tools or processes, you will lack insight into the following:

  • How efficiently your maintenance department operates
  • The status of your work orders
  • If you have the right parts in stock so that you can fix equipment promptly
  • How much you spend on "break-fix," time-based, and predictive maintenance
  • Which assets cost you the most to maintain

Why Most Asset Maintenance Strategies Will Hurt—Instead of Help—Your Performance

According to EPRI, nearly 80% of power plants rely on traditional maintenance strategies that are inefficient at the best. At the worst, they can be detrimental.

For example, if you pre-schedule maintenance, you may find that assets break before their maintenance window.

Plants that pre-schedule maintenance have downtime rates of 7.96%, which is just a slight improvement over "break-fix" downtime rates. 2

In addition, many power plants rely on inefficient maintenance tools and processes, such as:

Paper Based

Paper-based work orders and spreadsheets

It’s nearly impossible to optimize your maintenance activities when you rely on paper-based processes.

If your maintenance team completes work orders by hand, it’s easy for them to miss important information. Paper is also notorious for getting lost or damaged.

With gaps in your records, you won’t have an accurate view of your maintenance operations. You will also face difficulties when planning maintenance schedules and tracking all of your activities.


Outdated, unsupported technologies

Old asset maintenance technology isn’t designed to sync with your other systems. Without this integration, you won’t have a complete view of your assets and their maintenance.

For example, if your asset maintenance tool doesn’t sync with your inventory management system, you may not know when you are out of parts. Then, if an asset breaks, you may face lengthy downtime while you wait for a part to arrive.

Predictive Maintenance

A traditional enterprise asset management system

Traditional ERP and asset management (EAM) vendors promise to solve every problem in the world. But after spending months on an implementation—and millions on technology infrastructure and IT consultants—you may find yourself back at square one.

Most EAM systems deliver a poor user experience. They come with too many features and functions—which can be overwhelming if you want a tool that is easy for your maintenance team to use.

These systems are also inflexible. For example, you can’t use them on mobile devices. Maintenance crews—who spend most of their time in the field—will need to carry clipboards and then log everything into a desktop later. Duplicating work harms their efficiencies and can create information gaps. Luckily, there’s a better way…

Simplify Your Maintenance and Elevate Your Plant’s Performance with AssetSense

AssetSense is a cloud-based solution that helps you plan and optimize your maintenance strategy. With AssetSense mobile apps, your maintenance crew can monitor equipment health and stay on top of work orders—from any location and using any device.

Improve your planning and lower your maintenance costs

AssetSense brings all of your equipment data together in a central, cloud-based platform that you can access from any desktop or mobile device. With AssetSense, you can:

  • Improve the quality of your planning, as you will have real-time visibility into your assets and their maintenance needs.
  • Immediately see which assets need maintenance and schedule work requests using an intuitive, visual calendar.
  • Allocate resources effectively and order parts in advance so that you can keep production flowing—even after something breaks.
  • Quickly identify which assets cost you the most in maintenance and repairs so that you can cut unnecessary spending.
  • Improve the efficiency of your maintenance operations and decision making with near real-time data and performance analytics.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your maintenance activities so that you can transition to proactive, condition-based maintenance.
Gain visibility into your assets so that you can optimize your maintenance strategy

AssetSense eliminates informational gaps that could prevent your maintenance team from fixing issues quickly and cost-effectively. We do this by:

  • Automatically notifying your maintenance team of potential issues. For example, if an operator or engineer flags a problem, someone on your maintenance crew will receive an alert.
  • Sending technicians work orders in real time so they can fix problems before you experience a major failure.
  • Integrating your asset monitoring and maintenance data into a central location—giving stakeholders complete visibility into your equipment health.
Get up and running in days—not months

Unlike most asset maintenance systems, AssetSense doesn’t require a long, costly implementation that disrupts your operations. Since AssetSense is cloud-based, you can install it without blocking out a huge chunk of time, investing in IT support, or shutting down your mission-critical assets.

In fact, we have a proven track record of successfully implementing AssetSense in large energy plants within a week.

Elevate your user experience

AssetSense is designed for power plant users—not for IT teams or consultants. With AssetSense, you can make life easier for your maintenance team, as they won’t need to complete a form by hand in the field and then re-enter the same information into your desktop software later.

AssetSense comes with mobile apps that your maintenance team can install on their iOS or Android devices. Then, they can use these apps to view work orders, track asset repairs, and update their status in the field.

Plant managers rave about how quickly their users adopt AssetSense and how much they love to use it.

Success Story Jennifer Metz

“We don’t need to think about AssetSense—it just works.”

Jennifer Metz, Service Order Supervisor, Energy Systems Group Fort Detrick Energy Production Facility

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