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Predictive Maintenance

Capture real-time vibration data and identify problems before they cost you
millions in repairs and lost production.


Your Maintenance Strategy May Hurt More Than It Helps

Most asset maintenance strategies are inefficient, costly, and cause forced outages instead of preventing them.

Each year, “break-fix” maintenance correlates with unplanned downtime rates of 8.43%. Meanwhile, U.S. businesses that rely on reactive maintenance spend more than $27 billion in repairs and lost production. 1

Time-based maintenance offers little advantage, as it results in 7.96% unplanned downtime annually. 2 When equipment breaks before its maintenance window, you’ll face downtime and high repair costs.

Plants are turning to predictive maintenance to improve efficiencies.


When done the right way, predictive maintenance can eliminate 70-75% of failures while boosting production by 20-25%. 3

However, you may have seen mixed results from your past efforts in this area. Here’s why:

  • Most predictive maintenance technologies are complex and require heavy investments in diagnostic tools, hardware, and training.
  • You may need to hire condition monitoring experts to visit your plant and collect data. By the time they analyze your asset health and send you their reports, you may experience a major failure.
  • Predictive maintenance tools usually aren’t built to handle the massive volumes of data that your assets generate.

Finally! Predictive Maintenance That Is Built for Power Plants (Not for Consultants)

Proactively monitor your equipment, capture high-quality vibration data, and perform spectrum analysis from any device.

AssetSense simplifies predictive maintenance and makes it accessible to users across your plant.

From managers to operators to engineers. We offer two paths that will help you achieve quick wins and elevate your asset performance:

  • Mobile predictive maintenance

    You don’t need to hire expensive consultants to visit your site and analyze your data. AssetSense puts the power of predictive maintenance in the palm of your hands.

    Simply install the AssetSense mobile app on an iOS or Android device, connect a vibration sensor, and start capturing high-quality data from your equipment.

  • Continuous asset monitoring

    AssetSense includes IoT sensors that you can connect to your equipment for round-the-clock monitoring and spectrum analysis.

    Since AssetSense is an affordable, cloud-based solution, you can install it on all of your equipment—including the “less critical” assets that can still impact your production if they fail.

Vibration Data
Get near real-time vibration data for anywhere, anytime spectrum analysis.

Whether you choose mobile maintenance or continuous monitoring, AssetSense will give you the insights you need to improve your asset performance.

  • AssetSense automatically feeds vibration data into a central location. You can access this data from the AssetSense cloud or your monitoring and diagnostic center.
  • Perform spectrum analysis at any time—using any desktop or mobile device—to gain an on-demand view of your asset performance.
  • Receive automatic alerts when a setting falls outside its normal range. That way, you can take proactive steps to solve problems weeks—or even months—before they cause a major failure.
Get up and running quickly.

Since AssetSense is cloud-based, you can install it quickly and easily—usually within a week.

You won’t need to block out a prolonged amount of time, hire expensive consultants, or shut down your critical assets to get started.

Analyze historical trends to better predict the future.

Unlike most predictive maintenance technologies, AssetSense is designed to manage large volumes of data. Integrate AssetSense with your historian and track performance over time. Analyzing your past trends will give you insights that help you prevent future failures.

Historical data can also help you predict when an asset will need repairs so that you can schedule maintenance at the optimal time.

Success Story Joe Riestenberg

“You can’t prevent a failure if you don’t know what’s going on with your equipment. AssetSense isn’t just another app—it’s a critical tool that helps you understand your assets’ health and improve the reliability of your equipment.”

Joe Riestenberg, Plant Manager, Vistra Miami Fort Station

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