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Improve operational efficiencies and plant asset reliability—without increasing
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Your role as an IT leader is changing rapidly.

In the past, you needed to maintain your IT environment and deliver stable services to your fleet.

Now, your expectations are changing.

According to a recent survey, just 33% of CIOs spend the bulk of their time on IT management. The majority of CIOs now focus on key business initiatives, as they are measured on their contribution to revenue growth and how successfully they can cut IT costs. 1

51% of CIOs have increased the time they spend on innovation.

CIO Survey 2019-2020

In the power generator sector, this means:

  • Leading a digital transformation initiative that drives production and profitability.
  • Put digital technologies in place to improve the efficiencies of production assets.
  • Creating a more efficiently run business with the use of data and analytics.
  • Reducing your operations and IT costs.
  • Improving cybersecurity.

You must do all of this with limited IT resources.

But it’s hard to meet these mandates when your power generation company is mired in the old way of doing things—relying on legacy technology that is time-intensive and costly to maintain.

Traditional asset performance monitoring tools need a lot of babysitting. They take months to install, require constant maintenance, and clash with your existing systems.

Large IT projects run an average of 45% over budget and 7% over time—while delivering 56% less value than predicted.

And, since most asset performance monitoring tools aren’t designed for power plant users, you must invest heavily in training and support. But despite your best efforts, users may still have trouble getting the technology to work.

If plant operators, managers, and maintenance teams don’t adopt your asset performance monitoring tools, your IT team will take the blame for a failed rollout.

Luckily, there’s a new way of doing things that will make IT look like a hero…

Elevate IT Performance with AssetSense

AssetSense is a “grown-up” asset performance monitoring platform that doesn’t require babysitting. You don’t need to worry about lengthy rollouts, endless upgrades, or failed attempts at user training. AssetSense simply works.

We’ll take care of everything. But you can take the credit.

Your IT team won’t need to devote endless hours to an installation. We’ll handle everything for you, including:

  • Customizing your asset performance monitoring solution to meet your needs.
  • Rolling out AssetSense quickly and efficiently.
  • Ensuring that your fleet stays operational, as you won’t need to carve out downtime or take critical assets offline during the implementation.
  • Providing unlimited setup and training support.
  • Offering responsive, 24/7 support to answer questions and address your concerns.

We have a proven track record of successfully rolling out AssetSense in large energy plants within a week.

Drive more value from your existing technology.

With AssetSense, you don’t need to throw out your current environment and start from scratch. AssetSense is a plug-and-play solution that adapts to your environment and integrates with your existing technology, including:

  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems
  • Distributed control systems (DCS) 
  • Data historians
  • Operator rounds
  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices and smart sensors connected to machinery
Achieve high user-adoption rates.

Unlike most asset performance monitoring technologies, AssetSense is designed for ease of use and rapid adoption. We provide intuitive mobile apps that users can install on their smartphones and tablets. They can use these apps to monitor asset health, perform operator rounds, complete maintenance work orders, receive alerts of potential issues, and perform other tasks.

Meanwhile, your IT team ensures high adoption rates and a successful roll out—without spending countless hours on user training and support.

Plant managers tell us that operators love to use our apps and that it only takes 1-2 days of training to get everyone up to speed. 

Keep your data secure.

Like a finely tuned engine, AssetSense gives you the power you need to keep your data secure.

  • Dedicated servers, built-in encryption, and Cisco firewalls protect you from threats. 
  • Our data centers are designed for the demands of the energy industry, with multiplelayers of security that protect both your cloud and legacy data.
  • AssetSense integrates with your single sign-on tools and allows for role-based security—giving you complete control over who accesses your data while users have the convenience of logging in with the same credentials they use for other corporate software.
Success Story Bob McNally

“I’d recommend AssetSense for their reliability, data security, and willingness to customize their solution to meet our needs. AssetSense also has great customer support. I can always reach out to them and get a prompt response.”

Bob McNally, Plant Manager, Energy Systems Group

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